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926 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, D.C. | Phone 202-638-5200
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  • The Henley Park Hotel History

One of the most carefully Preserved Historic hotels in washington, d.C.

Established in 1918, the upscale Tudor Hall Apartments was once home to Washington, D.C.'s social elite and well-known politicians, including many senators and congressmen. Built in Tudor-style architecture, reminiscent of England's resplendent manors, the building featured grand archways, leaded-glass windows, and Mercer-tiled floors. However, the most iconic feature of the building was its façade with 119 gargoyles, two of which depicted the architect and his wife. Today, many of Tudor Hall Apartments' original features have been carefully restored to their former glory, making The Henley Park Hotel one of the most authentically historic hotels in Washington, D.C.

authenticity through Meticulous restoration

In 1982, the property was converted into an upscale hotel, and The Henley Park Hotel is now a proud member of the Historic Hotels of America. Great care was taken to retain the original architectural features, including the archways, moldings, and leaded-glass windows. Located above the side door of what is now the Wilkes Room, the stained-glass initials of "T.H." for "Tudor Hall" are still visible. Preserving the elegant style of the early 20th century, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Queen Anne furnishings also add to the hotel's historical authenticity and atmospheric charm.
The Henley Park Hotel One of the Most Authentically Historic Hotels in Washington
Initially, The Tavern at Henley Park was an open courtyard, and the restaurant's skylight atrium was added in 1982 when the building was converted into a hotel. The hotel still features the original 119 gargoyles plus four large gargoyles who appear above The Tavern's interior atrium. These were rescued from the old Commodore Hotel in New York City before it was razed. Greeting guests for over 100 years, the lobby floor is still tiled with the original, specially-designed Mercer tiles from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
As Tudor Hall Apartments, the Wilkes Room was a community parlor where gentlemen entertained their dates. The room still features its original fireplace and mantle, as well as a stunning chandelier. To retain the authenticity of the room, antique furniture was added for guests to experience a proper drawing room. Today, our guests visit the room to chat with friends and associates, read the morning newspapers, or catch up on work between business meetings. As a tribute to the building's and Washington, D.C.'s rich history, formal tea is still served in the Wilkes Room each day.
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