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926 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, D.C. | Phone 202-638-5200
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  • The Lincoln Memorial at Washington
Washington, DC The Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial
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2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington, 20037 The Lincoln Memorial phone number 202-426-6841

The lincoln memorial:  Stately Grandeur and presidential legacy

Overlooking The National Mall, The Lincoln Memorial of Washington D.C. is one of America's most revered memorials. Experience the grandeur of the 19-foot marble statue of President Lincoln sitting in thoughtful contemplation. An homage to President Lincoln's legacy, the memorial also features 36 Doric columns, representing the 36 unified states of America at the time of his assassination. To better understand Lincoln's brilliance, read the memorial's inscriptions of the Second Inaugural Address and Gettysburg Address, two speeches that defined his legacy as one of America's greatest presidents.


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  • Cherry Blossom Festival
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  • Reflecting Pool
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  • Is There An Elevator To Get To The Main Area Of The Memorial?

    Yes. To make the Memorial accessible to everyone, there is an elevator that carries visitors from the street level to the main area, or the Memorial's chamber floor. The chamber floor features the statue of President Lincoln and the inscriptions of his speeches. Street-level sidewalks lead to the Memorial's basement, or lower lobby, where the elevator is located in the southeast corner.
  • Is There A Gift Shop In The Lincoln Memorial?

    Yes. There is a bookstore located on the chamber level of the Lincoln Memorial's northeast corner. Operated by Eastern National, a retail partner of the National Park Service, the Memorial's bookstore sells books, postcards, and other educational materials to enhance the experience of visitors to The National Mall. Proceeds from sales support The National Mall and other Memorial Parks.

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